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Electronic prospecting of rocks, minerals, crystals, lapidary jewelry, spiritual collectibles, and other items for rockhounds. 

Welcome to, your claim on the information highway for all electronic prospectors to enjoy. This site contains websites of fellow rockhounders, free classifieds , event and club listings, and much, much more.

Rocky Sez - Read what rocky has to say pertaining to rock and minerals, as he tends to stay on the humorous side.

Rockhounders Award -  If you feel that your site has what it takes to qualify for our award, submit it for our review. Please check the guidelines that we follow about originality and content.

Rockhounders Links - See what other Rockhounders have to offer by checking out our rockhounding community links. If you would like to include your site, email us and we will review the site for content related to rockhounding. We do ask as a courtesy that we are given a reciprocal link in exchange once posted.

Kids Corner - This area is set-up for kids of all ages to enjoy. Includes coloring project and links to areas of interest.

Web Design & Deployment - If your looking to enter the arena with your own website, take a look to see what Edie's has too offer . With a strong background in rock and mineral related subject matter, they can get you the look and feel your after. Edie's owns and operates this site.

Rockhounders Articles - Interested in writing some yourself? Send an email with the article or link to the article and we will post for all to see.

Crystals & Minerals for sale:

Having collected for years and swapping material, I am now in the process of selling my entire collection. I will start posting what I have and the price on


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